November 30, 2023

Delhi can be overwhelming sometimes, with the traffic, the crowd, the rushing from one place to another and it can be quite hectic. But that is not what the city is all about, it is steeped in culture, history, art, food and has a unique character of its own. It has always been the seat of power in our country right from the times of the British and the city was quite meticulously planned by them. As opposed to other metropolitan cities, Delhi actually has a lot of greenery and areas designated for people to relax and rejuvenate. Most people view Delhi as the epitome of the hectic city life, but the truth is that it has a calmer side too. See it for yourself and book the cheapest flight from Mumbai to Delhi. Here are some places where you can find that elusive peace and quiet.

  • Lodhi Garden

To call it a garden is an understatement, this huge area of greener has a pons where delightful ducks reside and even has the ruins of the historic tombs. Curl up with a good book under the trees or spend the day feeding the duck, this is the perfect spot to get some much-needed me-time. The park is located in the plush area of South Delhi and is ideal as it is peaceful and is easily accessible from any part of the city through the Metro. The posh Khan Market is also close by if you want to sample some delicious dishes.

  • Nehru Park

Located in Chanakyapuri, the Nehru Park is another great place to lounge about and do nothing. The place gets a little crowded in the evening with people taking their jogs and walks and may not exactly be quiet so go during the day or the morning. The park is also the venue for many cultural shows like the Delhi Jazz Festival. The garden has winding passages for you to take a leisurely stroll along and is dotted with tall trees for you take cover from the bright Sun.

  • Garden of the Five Senses

Very true to its name, the park was designed to give the Delhi residents a respite from the city life. Spread over 20 acres, it is effortless to find a lonely spot where you can truly relax and curl up with a good book or listen to some music. The park is located near the Mehrauli heritage area which in itself is a great place to explore. As the park also invites a lot of crowds looking to make use of the space as a picnic spot, make sure you steer clear of the larger groups.

  • Deer Park

Situated near Hauz Khas, it is not to be confused with the party centre of Delhi, Hauz Khas Village. The Deer Park is a heavenly place that makes you forget that you are actually within city limits. It has a small lake, has neatly trimmed grass all around and flowers dot the entire landscape. On your visit there, you will also be able to spot animals like the deer, rabbits and guinea pigs running about. An absolutely stunning place to be, the park is a must-visit for you if peace and quiet are on your mind.

  • Parthasarthy Rocks

For an amazing sunset and a view that will take your breath away, head on over to the Parthasarthy Rocks in the JNU campus. The rocks have been a student favourite for ages and was named after one of the Professors at the University. Surrounded by the sprawling JNU campus, you will certainly get the serenity you are looking for.

The city has many facets if one simply explores, so get your chance and book cheapest flight from Mumbai to Delhi to explore it.