February 21, 2024

South Africa is a beautiful place for sunshine but it is also considered as a winter wonderland where you could enjoy Ski in the fresh Snow. Skiing in South Africa! When you are talking about spots for snowboarding or skiing, South Africa is not considered as the best continent. Most people do not know that South Africa has the Skiing and Snowboarding opportunity for everyone. More than 3 South Africa Ski resorts are available where you could enjoy the groomed slopes, white powder snow, and many others. When you like to try something different in this winter season the below are considered as the best option.

Tiffin dell:

South Africa has one of the greatest Ski Resort that astonishes most people. Tiffin dell is at the Northeast of South Africa along with the Drakensberg ranges. Even though the Drakensberg does not get that much snow, it is quite higher than that of other snowy mountains in the North. Drakensberg Range mainly sees quite occasional blizzards and much more amazing Southern Ocean cold fronts. Many numbers of International competitions has been held at the Tiffin dell. When you like to stay in the biggest skiing resort then Tiffin dell is the finest option in Eastern Cape of South Africa. Tiffin dell has the slopes of 2.4 km and considered as a perfect option for Skiing and Snowboarding. Most people like to visit Tiffin dell from June to September. When you are planning to ski in South Africa then you can easily find many numbers of resorts on the Ben McDhui Mountain. Tiffin dell is considered as the most amazing region for winter sports as it is situated at the altitude of 2,700 and 2,930 meters.


Matroosberg Ski Resort is quite an oldest resort and private skiing hill in Western Cape, South Africa. When you like skiing and snowboarding at the slope of 2 km then Matroosberg is a good place to start. Normally, Matroosberg ski resort has the vertical drop of about 1289 ft so it is much more spacious option to have fun in skiing. Matroosberg is a region for winter sports and people around the world likes to enjoy their skiing here. Matroosberg is at the altitudes of 1,794 and located at 2,132 meters. Two ski lifts are available so that this Matroosberg Ski Resort is considered as the best for the Beginner as well as Intermediate Skiers. Various fun-filled activities are available at the Matroosberg Resort that includes

  • Kloofing
  • Ice Climbing
  • Snowboarding
  • Trail Running
  • Hiking
  • Abseiling


Afriski is located at the Maluti Mountains of 3,222 m (10,600 feet) and the highest skiing resort in South Africa. Afriski Mountain Resort is located at the top peak in the Afriski. Snow on the ground will be sparse so that they are not enough for skiing or snowboarding. Afriski is the tallest slope in South Africa. Skiing in South Africa would be much more fun and considered as the alternative to Australia or South America. Filled with lots of amenities, Afriski Mountain Resort has the Gondola Café, Sky Restaurant, lodging facilities, rental facilities, and many others. Peak elevation in the Afriski measures 2132 meters with the vertical drop of 338 meters.