June 22, 2024

Sri Lanka is a Teardrop shaped island which is very famous for its sandy beaches, warm climatic conditions, tropical rain forest, diverse landscapes, ancient Buddhist ruins, and for many other things and activities that you can do and enjoy yourself in Sri Lanka. A lot of tourists from all around the world visit this country throughout the year. The climate here remains terrific all around the year. So those people who want to enjoy the warm sandy beaches of Sri Lanka can prefer to visit this country. But before you plan your holiday in Sri Lanka, it is recommended that you should first take care of eTA Sri Lanka approval.

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What is eTA?

eTA visa is a visa that can be taken as well as applied directly from your computer. Many countries provide you with the facility of an online application that you can use to apply for the Visa. With this method, you will get your eTA Visa approved within 72 hours and being sent on your e-mail id. There are many companies which can help you out with your eTA visa processing as well as approval. These companies can speed up your visa application form if you need to visit Sri Lanka on an emergency basis.

Is eTA Visa different from Normal Visa?

eTA visa is very similar to normal Visa that you get. eTA visa acts same as normal Visa and facilitates your journey to Sri Lanka. There are some minor differences between eTA and Normal Visa.

  • Expiration: Normal Visa doesn’t expire for at least 6 months from the date of issue, whereas eTA visa provides you with the validity of just 90 days from the date of issue.
  • Stay: With normal Visa, you can stay for as long as till that time period which is mentioned in your Visa, but with eTA Visa you can stay for no longer than 28 days after your arrival in Sri Lanka.