April 19, 2024

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You’ve made the great decision to go to San Diego for your vacation, and you’ve also decided to take your kids with you. Taking children on vacation with you can be hard work but if you know how to keep them occupied you’ll have a bunch of happy kids on your hands, and that’s never a bad thing. San Diego vacation rentals offer enough room for you and your children, so make sure you book somewhere suitable before deciding where you’re going to take your kids.


Before you decide to scour the internet to look for activities and places to take your children you may want to look below. This is because we have put together a list of places and destinations that we know your kids will love:

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San Diego Zoo


You simply cannot visit San Diego without taking a trip to the zoo, whether you have children with you or not. The zoo is home to more than 3,500 endangered and rare animals, and is spread over 100 acres and really promises a great day out.  Helping all visitors to understand a bit more about the animals that call the zoo their home, whilst working to put an end to extinction, San Diego zoo is perhaps one of the best zoos in the world.


Open 9am – 6pm every day, and with an adult pass starting at $54, and a child’s pass starting at $44 (Prices are correct at the time of writing), the zoo is waiting to welcome you through its gates. But the zoo doesn’t just offer you the chance to see animals up close, it also showcases some very special experiences too. The Animals in Action Experience shows you how the animals are cared for. The Inside Look Tours give you a behind the scenes look, and the Exclusive VIP Experience allows you to interact with some animals. If you want to give your children a day to remember, take them to San Diego Zoo.


San Diego Natural History Museum


A trip to any museum is always good, but a trip to the San Diego Natural History Museum is always better! Found in Balboa Park, and costing $19 a ticket for adults and $12 for children (Prices are correct at the time of writing) San Diego Natural History Museum houses some very interesting events such as ‘Titans of the Ice Age 3D’ and other events that may change from time to time.


The museum also hosts a Family Day once a month, which allows families to help celebrate an exhibition that’s just opened or a natural science. There’s also story time which allows your kids to enjoy a journey through their imagination while they learn about various exhibits. Open every day from 10am to 5pm, if you want your little ones to have fun while they learn, bring them to the museum.


Belmont Park


Located on Mission Beach, and home to an arcade, a historic roller coaster and many games and rides, Belmont Park is the place to be. If you get the opportunity, buy some discounted tickets that will let you on unlimited rides throughout the park. Admission to the park is free, and there are some incredible ocean front views that you can gaze over while you dine in one of the nearby restaurants.


Xanadu 7D is just one of the attractions at Belmont Park and it’s worth a visit. Known as an immersive Motion Ride Experience, you can enjoy sitting on a roller coaster while blasting lasers all around you. There’s also an escape room if you want to take 60 minutes to become a bit of a detective and work your way out. With so much to offer, and ideal if the weather is good, Belmont Park is a place your kids will love.


The Children’s Pool Seals


Located in La Jolla, and originally meant to be a beach that’s suitable for children, the Children’s Pool Seals are full of… you guessed it, seals. Kids were supposed to be able to swim in the shallow waters, but the seals decided they wanted to swim too. During the day you are likely to see quite a few seals lounging around on the beach and enjoying the sun. Although it’s not advisable to touch the seals, you should be able to grab a few photographs while you watch them enjoy the weather.


If you do decide to go for a swim you should be aware that the water is not the best quality, so you may want to go elsewhere. If you walk from the Children’s Pool to the Cave Store that is along Coast Blvd, you may also spot a few sea lions too. Get that camera at the ready and get snap-happy, your kids will want to show their friends photographs of the seals and sea lions that call San Diego their home.


There is so much for everyone of every age to do on their vacation in San Diego and kids are sure to have a lot of fun visiting the zoo, a museum, Belmont Park, and the Children’s Pool Seals. If you want to make sure that your little ones have a great time while they’re in San Diego think about taking them to all of the places listed above. Keep your kids happy, let them learn about animals, take them on a roller coaster, and then to the zoo. You’ll all have a vacation you’ll never forget.