April 19, 2024

Are you planning to visit the glorious city, Sydney? Well, it’s a great way to spend your vacations because Sydney is a beautiful place to visit. If you’re there for a weekend, you’ll definitely end up wanting to spend the whole life there. And why not? It has many things to offer to both visitors and locals. From natural beauty to fashion sense, it stands out in every aspect and provides a lot of the footprints that it attracts.

Sydney is ranked among the costliest cities in the world. But this doesn’t mean you can’t visit that heaven on a budget. In fact, doing so is just a click away from you. You can now make massive savings at Dealvoucherz Australia. So, get the coupon codes and save a handful of money.

Whether you decide to explore the natural beauty or take the water, you’ll be satisfied with whatever you choose. If you’re querying how to obtain the most of your vacation and spend the best time in Sydney, be with us as we discuss some must-dos in Sydney.

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  1.     Spend some seaside time on the beaches of Sydney

Beaches of Sydney are one of the major attractions of Sydney for both tourists and locals. You get to adopt the laid-back lifestyle of Sydney and watch the rising sun over beautiful beaches. How about wriggling your toes in the beach sand? Soaking in the sun after enjoying the swimming session? Spreading a towel on the beach and enjoying a beach picnic? Or just lying down and watching body surfers and board riders catch a wave? It is as exciting and experiencing as it sounds. Apart from these, you’ll find a lot of things to do on the beach, like spotting colourful birds, watching people having fun, making new friends and exploring the coast on walking trails. Some of the famous beaches you should not miss visiting are Bondi Beach, Cronulla Beach and Manly Beach.

  1.     Enjoy toothsome dinner and wine

You definitely don’t want to bother your stomach by not providing it with the delicious food and wine of Sydney. After you’re done enjoying at the beach or exploring new places, dine out at a top-rated restaurant of Sydney and satisfy your stomach with the tasty food. You’ll find top restaurants in wine growing areas like Mudgee, Orange, Southern Highlands and the Hunter Valley. Sydney is a top food destination and why wouldn’t it be, when the talented chefs offer excellent fresh produce and culinary and cultural influences from all over the globe. Also, don’t forget to try out the award-winning wine produced by skilled winemakers. Local produce with local wines make a great combination.

  1.     Be fashionable and go shopping

How can you go to Sydney and come back with nothing? So, whether you want to buy gifts, souvenirs or art, you can head to The Rocks, near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Make your evenings productive by browsing through the weekend markers and buying gifts for all your loved ones. Explore the market which will take you through the tradition and culture of the place. Sydney is a shopper’s paradise; you need to know the right place. So you can go to Paddington for fashion, The Intersection for local designers and boutiques and Westfield Sydney for jewellery shops.

  1.     Explore beautiful parks and enjoy the company of nature

If you love to enjoy the company of nature, Sydney is a paradise for you as well. You cannot skip to visit The Royal Botanical Garden and feel nature from close. The best part is that free tours are available for the Garden except on the days of public holidays. Enjoy birdwatching, walk on trails, and feel the beauty of nature. Also make time for Taronga Zoo, Sealife Aquarium and the Wildlife Zoo. If you get time, do visit Bowral which is a town just two hours from Sydney by train. A true nature enthusiast will find heaven there.

  1.    Go for a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Love enjoying long evening walks? If yes, a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge has to be in your to-do list. A gentle stroll of 1.4 km from The Rocks to Milsons Point. You can walk back if you want or even choose to catch a train for the way back. Even the train ride is enjoying, especially if you have kids with you. And if you’re travelling solo or with your friends, either of them will be fun.