February 21, 2024

Rome is one of the romantic places that couples love visiting for their honeymoon. If you are planning to visit Rome, then it is suggested to make a list of few popular places.

Roman Forum and the Ancient Ruins

When you visit the ancient ruins that are present in Rome while on your Rome food tour, you will not only witness the ruins, but can also visualize the grandeur of the ancient Roman civilization. This site has a history that dates back to 500 B.C and holds the touch of many kings including Trajan, Julius Ceaser, Domitian, Augustus Ceaser, etc.

Enjoy Suppli at I Suppli in Your Visit

You will surely love to add some delicious dishes to your visit, so as to satiate your taste buds while your eyes try and digest the beauty of the ruins. Try Suppli at I Suppli when on food tours Rome.

Visit the Colosseum

Colosseum is a place in Rome that has gory history all over the pages. It was actually first inaugurated in 80 A.D and many games such as animal fights and gladiatorial combats, etc, were organized in the colosseum by the kings. It even takes pride in being one of the places in Rome that have more than 4 million tourists visiting the place. You can learn more about it in the food tours.

Try Fiori di Zucca

Fiori di Zucca is a dish that is prepared by beating some zucchini flowers into fine mixture and stuffing the mixture with mozzarella or anchovies. You will surely love every bite of this tasty dish while trying different dishes in Rome. You can click Rome food tours on any website to learn more about the tasty dishes served in Rome.