February 21, 2024


Before we get into the requirements for giving TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Exams, let us first know what TOEFL Exams are all about? TOEFL exams are recognized worldwide. If you want to get into a foreign university, you can be asked to give the TOEFL examination. TOEFL exam tests your vocabulary and writing skills. TOEFL exams can help you improve your English proficiency skills.

What are the requirements for giving the TOEFL exams?

  • TOEFL Exams are suited for students who are studying at the higher grade. These test scores are recognized by the top universities of the world, thus the standard of difficulty of examination is very high. If you get a TOEFL Score good enough, then it can help you in the future
  • A student who has qualified 10+2 examination from any of the recognized board by the Indian Government can apply for the examination.

These two are the primary requirements that need to be fulfilled. There can be other requirements also like several universities don’t check or need TOEFL Score for non-narrative speakers who have a certain degree or a diploma. There is no age limit for giving the TOEFL Exams. However, remember that TOEFL Scores are valid for only two years. If you apply to any university, then they will check your TOEFL Score of the last two years. Even for applying for citizenship abroad, TOEFL Exams are needed for an A1 English Test for spouse visa.

How should you prepare yourself for the TOEFL Exams?

  • Reach the exam center about half an hour to one hour early. You might get stuck in the traffic. If by any chance you get late, you may not be allowed to give the examination.
  • Do not carry any form of the electronic device inside the exam hall. If you are caught cheating, you can be expelled from giving TOEFL Exams.
  • There is no refund policy in TOEFL Exams. Thus, make sure you are certain about giving the exam.
  • Devote at least 2 hours daily before giving the TOEFL Exams. This will help you prepare better.
  • Before writing the exam, if you have any doubts or queries related to the exam, make sure to clear it out with the examiner.
  • Manage your time efficiently. TOEFL Exams are comparatively easier compared to others. However, time can be an issue if you don’t manage it. Do not waste any time.
  • Stay focused. While giving the exam, focus on your paper and not others. Do not distract yourself and others.
  • Make sure to carry a valid identity card. It should have a name, signature, and photo of yours. The photo should be prominent and recent. In India, a valid ID card is only the passport. No other ID card can be used.
  • A registration number must have been issued to you while registering for the exam. Carry a print out of it.
  • Do not panic while giving the exam.


Now that you know all the requirements and how should you prepare for the examination, just follow all the guidelines. TOEFL Exams are also an A1 English Test for a spouse visa.