February 21, 2024
  1. Visa – Visit the official online visa website (eta.gov.lk ) and proceed with the electronic application process to obtain the visa upon approval.
  2. What to pack – Relatively a tropical country and sunny; Cotton clothes are ideal. Bring moisturiser and sunscreen cream to protect the skin during beach tours in Sri Lanka. Mosquito repellent is a must. Modest clothing is highly recommended during temple and cultural visits.
  3. Don’t stress, instead planyour days–Take it easy and travel without rushing. While there are plenty of places to visit, try not to fill up the days. Balance the available days forbest Sri Lanka luxury holidays.
  4. Use public transportation – Country has a highly developed transportation system with trains and buses running on several routes. So, make use of it and save your money.
  5. Pick a tour operator – First-time visitors need lots of guidance on routes. So, plan your tour with a tour company. If you have got spare money, invest in Sri Lanka luxury holidays.
  6. Know the seasons – Don’t expect the climate to be friendly as usual, whereas; it doesn’tadhere to the script. So, plan the itinerary according to monsoon patterns.

  1. Language – The language barrier is not a problem as many locals can converse and understand English. Even some people are not perfect; they can handle broken English.
  2. Have a bit of everything – Enjoy and visit the places as much as you could. Explore the island’s best beaches through beach tours in Sri Lanka.
  3. Track your money – With various shopping malls and restaurants, you might spend and run out of money. So, track your expenses.

Respect their culture – Although there is no notice regarding restrictions, use your common sense. Sri Lankans adore their culture and religion. Therefore do not engage in any activity that seems to be offending their culture and beliefs.