April 19, 2024

One of the best ways to discover a splendid city like Rome is undoubtedly walking. If you love to walk, it is advisable to leave your heeled shoes at home and wear flat, comfortable shoes, without forgetting the camera and on. Rome will be ready to be discovered in its entire splendor simply by walking. Here is the Walking Tour of Roman Squares .

Walking on Ponte Sant’Angelo

Since there are so many things to see it would be better to spend more than a day visiting the eternal city and organize with the map on hand to trace the routes to be followed, thus optimizing the times. Visiting Rome on foot, route 1 (about 7km) An itinerary to do on foot to discover different beauties of Rome could be undertaken starting from Piazza della Rotonda where you can admire the famous Pantheon , then to continue towards Via del Seminario , up to Via del Corso, one of the main streets of the city.

After a visit to the church of S. Maria delPopolo and the churches known as the “twins” you can continue towards Via della Conciliazione to reach the Basilica of San Pietro.

Rome – St. Peter’s Square from the Dome

The majestic square and the sumptuous church will undoubtedly leave you open-mouthed and if you have no problems making a few steps, it is absolutely recommended to climb the “dome ” from where you will enjoy a spectacular view over all of Rome and part of the Vatican Gardens.

Fountain of the 4 rivers

Resuming our itinerary you can continue towards Piazza Navona, where you can photograph the beautiful Fountain of the Four Rivers , so, since you are in the center, it is advisable not to miss the Spanish Steps and its magnificent staircase, and of course the Fountain of Trevi , one of the most loved and photographed symbols in all of Rome. From here you can continue up to Castel Sant’Angelo crossing the beautiful Ponte Sant’Angelo. The visit inside will be exciting and in the summer evenings you can also enjoy some pleasant classical music concert.

From here you will take a pleasant walk along the Via deiForiImperiali, being able to admire over 2,000 years of history and architecture.

The itinerary will take us to discover churches and monuments of great historical and architectural interest (the most important: Altare della Patria, Basilica of Santa Maria in AraCoeli, Campidoglio, Capitoline Museums), up to the famous Bocca della Verità located in the portico of the Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin . It is highly recommended that you also visit the interior of the church as it is really very interesting. If you are not yet tired of visiting Rome on foot you can continue towards the temples of the ForoBoario, other very interesting architectural works of ancient Rome.