February 21, 2024

You must familiarize yourself with the rules and conditions before signing the contract. Pay particular attention to exemptions for coverage and liability restrictions on the part of the company. If you book your car from home, print out your order and take it with you when you pick up the car. The terms must be the same in your order and the delivery form you get when you pick up the car. Therefore, spend time comparing the terms before signing. Never sign a contract in a language you do not understand. If there is anything at all that you think is unclear, ask for it.

Compare the prices and insurance terms of several different companies before you leave to get an impression of the market. However, it may be an advantage to rent at the destination only when you know your needs and supply.

Car Rental Cancun by City Car Rental companies with offices in Denmark can be an advantage to choose because it makes it easier to complain if there have been problems with your car.

Insurance: How are you covered?

Liability Insurance is mandatory when renting a car. The insurance must cover you so well that you are insured against damage. Remember that the insurance must also cover personal injury to both the driver and passengers in the event of an accident.

If you are not insured with a large enough amount, the driver in some countries may have a large accident claim.

Excess risk is always on liability insurance. A deductible is the amount you have to pay yourself if an injury occurs. Check how big the deductible is in the contract. You can make the deductible less by paying a higher premium (price) for your insurance.

Extra insurance: Is it necessary?

Travel insurance in some cases covers liability insurance for car rental abroad. So do some credit card providers. Always check if you are already covered by your insurance company or credit card provider before purchasing any more insurance. When you go for the Transportation from Cancun to Tulum then this is the best deals.

The car rental company will often offer you to buy more insurance. It can be a hull insurance (Loss Damage Waiver) which covers accidental damage to the car. The hull insurance may also be included in the price.

Price: What do you pay for?

The price of your rental car may include free miles. This means you can drive as far as you want at no extra charge. If free kilometers are not included in the price, you must pay an amount for every kilometer you drive. If you have to drive very far, it is convenient with free kilometers. But be aware that there may be a limit on how far you can drive with free miles. In addition, fees, tolls and permits can cause the price to go up. Crossing borders can cost a fee.

Roads and bridges can cost money to drive. Either you have to pay immediately when you cross them, or you may be charged the amount later by the car rental company.

Also, check if it is allowed to drive into regions other than where you rented the car. There may be special rules, for example, in some places you must be allowed to drive in an urban zone.