April 19, 2024

With the ongoing deflation in international oil prices, most of the rich countries milked the opportunity of improving their economic position. The South Asian nations, on the other hand, missed out on the golden chance of utilizing their true tourism potential for their economic upheaval within the global community. Despite being possessed with a hugely diverse scope of tourism, the role of public-private partnership has been inadequate in developing this source of earning on firm footings.

Planning A Trip To Sri Lanka

In order to promote tourism within the state, the Sri Lankan government laid the foundation of Ceylon Tourist Bureau back in 1966. Your trip to Sri Lanka would prove to be a fairly relaxing one owing to:

  • Remarkable safety of the tourists throughout the region;
  • The developed infrastructure of famous tourist points and sites;
  • Providing considerable opportunities for foreign visitors to opt for local purchases.

Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has been extensively bestowed with gorgeous landscapes and lush natural beauty to attract a growing number of tourists each year. The few famous locations from Insightguides.com that are worth mentioning here are listed below:

  • Polonnaruwa;
  • Arugam Bay;
  • Galle and his Dutch Fort;
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortress;
  • Nuwara Eliya and Tea Plantations;
  • Mirissa;
  • Kandy and the Temple of the Tooth;
  • Adam’s Peak;
  • Dambulla Golden Cave Temple;
  • Colombo, the capital city.

Drumming And Dancing

Ask about drumming and Sri Lanka possesses one of the greatest drum cultures in the world. As this ancestral cultural norm has descended in all subsequent generations, its artistic charm and grandeur have evolved into a luxuriant style of drum play. Over time, hundreds of intricate rhythmic patterns and forms have been developed. The drum tradition forms an integral part of all rituals and festivals. The dancing sprightliness is perfectly matched, controlled and balanced by the drumming. Each of the 5 forms of dancing expresses a peculiar sentiment or object present within nature. All genres of dancing are complemented by drumming that leaves the onlookers spellbound. Both the dancers and the drummers are clad in traditional attire, turning them iconic. The drum and dance traditions alone attract crowds in huge numbers to the Sri Lankan soil every year.

The Sri Lankan Drum Ensembles: A Great Travel To Sri Lanka

Visiting Sri Lanka and you certainly don’t wish to miss out on the splendid, traditional Kandyan drumming, ready to engross your senses within moments. There are solo drumming artists as well. With absolutely rich dance values going hand in hand with the outstanding drumming feat sounds no less than the divine ecstasy. With all beauty and exquisiteness above par, it is the rhythm of humanity that is shared every time one comes across. Through innovative and artistic approach, the outcomes are always unique masterpieces. The tune of each drum follows the other in perfect harmony where higher musical notes overwhelm the surroundings with their acoustic power and intensity. The performance creates an awe-inspiring emotion within the audience, turning them charged with vitality.

Let The Drummers Create History

The drum ensembles here are always inspired to create history with being spectacular with their work. All in all, these groups have been playing a pivotal role since decades in getting their superb culture revived and ongoing within the global arena. It is the equivalent of preserving the tradition, the art, the cultural values and the societal norms while providing a fabulous resource for the visiting masses during their stay. It is appreciable how a colorful path of recreation is crafted with a perfect blend of the vintage and the modern.

What Is So Special About The Drummers?

Drumming in Sri Lanka is certainly not a conventional one. It features its own peculiarities with a distinguished tempo, cycles of regular and irregular beats, making up a perfect rhythm that is sweet to the ears. The audience is mesmerized under the sheer magic of electrifying music at the top volume, at the hands of the band of magicians. The drumming beats perfectly align with the pretty dancing steps as if both were made for each other. The trained dancers perfectly compliment the excited drummers to create a magical scene. The audience, too, becomes a part of this fascinating show of colors and music all around. With catchy music, there is the sound of love spread all around. This is perhaps the biggest show of a rich and majestic culture in the whole of South Asia.