April 19, 2024

Istria, which is the largest peninsula of the Adriatic Sea, is a triangle shaped land and has a number of places for water sports, sun bathing and relaxing at beaches. Due to its natural beauty, Istria is also as Holiday Home Istria. As being a peninsula, Istria has a perfect weather in the continent of Europe for a full day outing.

To enjoy the hot sunny day in Istria, there are many beaches on both side of the costlines. But we have listed down few best of them.

  1. Sipar Beach

The fine pebble beach Sipar is located between the blue warm water sea and colourful buildings on the slope of the mountains. At the end of the beach there is a small passage to some rocks where you can walk and enjoy the cold winds at the evening.  The beach as well as water is very clean at Sipar and the maximum people come around this beach in the month of July and August.

  1. Vestar Beach

The Vestar Beach is near to Rovinj and it is very easy to reach there by a car. This beach is very family friendly and well equipped. The Vestar beach is a blue flag beach, which means you will get good service, a clean beach with clean water and a safe environment to relax over there. Vestar beach is also popular for diving activities and is also known as diver’s paradise.

  1. Mulini Beach

The Mulini beach is located about 10 minutes’ walk from the fishing port of the historic coastal town of Rovinj. The complete beach is divided into three parts; the first one is the modernized beach with concrete plateaus and showers. The second part is the beach bar which has cool champagne and amazing cocktails ready for you and the last part is the bright pebble beach along with extensive forest area.

  1. Fazana Beach

The Fazana beach is like many of the other beaches in Crotia where there are long beach and has only stones and pebbles. The Fazana beach is very good for coming with children as there are some fun activities available for them. Also there are few shops and pizza restaurants to have some quick bites.

  1. Punta Kamenjak

The Punta Kamenjak beach is located near Premantura. This place is popular for outdoor activities and its high cliff beaches. You cannot enjoy any water sports activity on this beach. Many people who are looking for nice biking experience alon with sun bathing beach prefer this beach in premantura.

This was all about top 5 beaches in Istria, Croatia where you can spend your quality time with cool winds and dancing blue sea waves.