February 21, 2024

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s largest city in the nation’s northern area. It is viewed as the most cultural place in entire Thailand. Chiang Mai Tours offer a vast number of attraction sites which bring millions of visitors every year. Listed below are the top most visited places in Chiang Mai Thailand.

  • Chiang Dao Elephant Camp: Found at about 117 kilometres north of Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao Elephant Camp is sited on the banks of Ping River. The camp is a well-known place to enjoy elephant rides and carrying out amazing feats of skill and strength, of the elephant. All travellers going by Thailand save time to have a visit here.
  • Doi Suithep: It is a grate mountain situated in the western part of the city.   The exceptionally purified sanctuary at the highest point of the mountain is a prominent traveller spot for Thais. It has an awesome view of the green landscape scene. There is also the Hmong village and Phuping Palace gardens found on the top of the mountain.
  • Mae Sa Valley: This is the place where tourist can find (1) the magnificent multi-tiered Mae Sa waterfall, (2) the orchid farm, (3) monkey and snake farms, and (4) botanical gardens. This is a superb place where visitors can enjoy the exuberating beauty of the actual Chiang Mai.
  • Ping River Valley: The valley exposes a delightful mountain view and quite a few attractions sites. Tourists can also witness (1) the beauty of San Khampaeng hot springs, (2) the excellent Mae On cave, and (3) the charming mountain hamlet of Mae Kampong. The place was viewed as the main choice of destination for people who loves to do nature strolls and mountain climbing.
  • San Khampaeng Hot Springs: An eye-catching place visited by many travellers. The place is rather used for picnic trips and sightseeing.