February 21, 2024

28 Best Tourist Destinations in the World (in 2023)Some of the best things to do in Utah include going hiking, seeing Utah’s national parks on foot, going canyoneering, seeing Utah’s main cities, resting in Utah’s hot springs, and checking out the state’s ancient sites. In addition to seeing historic sites, visitors to Utah may relax in the state’s many hot springs. Utah has hundreds of fantastic attractions and activities to choose from, and they’re all equally fun. So here are the things to do in utah county in winter.

Visiting Zion National Park

The majority of tourists that visit Utah’s national parks come to see Zion, which is often considered to be among the top national parks in the country. The state in the American Southwest draws the lion’s share of its visitors so that they may explore this modest but vast national park.

The stunning red rock canyons and panoramic vistas in Zion National Park are the park’s defining features. In addition to its amazing size, the area is also home to several of Utah’s most well-known hiking trails, including The Narrows and Angels Landing. 

Hotels in nearby Springdale are handy for visitors due to the town’s proximity to Zion and the park’s high visitor volume. The Zion National Park also has an official lodge and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) offers free camping on the outskirts of town.

Bryce Canyon National Park Hiking

Hoodoos are unique geological formations in Bryce Canyon National Park that may make visitors feel like they’ve stepped into another universe. Bryce Canyon National Park is widely regarded as one of Utah’s and the United States’ finest natural attractions. Hoodoos are the park’s most recognizable feature, and they may be seen all throughout the landscape of Bryce Canyon.

There are trails in the national park that are suitable for hikers of all skill levels and expertise. Winter is the finest season to visit Bryce Canyon National Park, but you’ll need to bring a thick down jacket. 

Monument Valley Visit

With fewer tourists and a fresh blanket of snow covering the hoodoos, winter is a great time to explore Monument Valley.

If you’re planning a road trip through Utah and find yourself in eastern Utah, you must stop at Monument Valley. Red sandstone buttes, mesas, and spires provide a stunning landscape at Monument Valley. It’s three hours west of Moab, near the Arizona border, and it’s on Navajo land.

Taking a trip to this crimson island paradise is certain to make Utah, if not the whole Southwest, your new favorite vacation spot. In addition, it is often considered to be among Arizona’s top tourist attractions.

Bears Ears National Monument

Many people think that Bears Ears National Monument is the most important archaeological site in Utah. The recent designation of this site as a national monument by the Obama administration is just the latest chapter in the long and contentious fights that have taken place over the years to protect it.

Rock climbing, backcountry camping, slot canyons, and hiking trails may all be found at Bears Ears National Monument. The nicest outdoor playground equipment may be found at this historic location.


Lastly, Mystic Hot Springs is often regarded as the best natural hot springs in Utah since it is unlike any other spot in the state. You may relax in a large public pool with a natural mineral arch, or you can bathe in a private soaking tub surrounded by sandstone walls.