April 19, 2024

The city of Pattaya caters to the need of tourists of vivid taste and moods. If you are one among those who loves to go for cultural and theme based tours of the city then the place is full of such sites, if you are looking for fun in amusement and water parks then the city has many of them, all you have to do is to click here. If you love to visit zoo, gardens and museums then there are many places of tourist’s interest for you. Adventure sports and beaches fascinate you then you are sure to find many beaches where you can enjoy a variety of water sports. 

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Discovering the city with all in one tour  

This is one of the sightseeing at pattaya which introduces the city to the visitors. The tour begins with the visit to the Thai traditional temple which is colorfully decorated with bright colors and rich architecture; making you come closure to the god. If this temple brings you close to the god then the next place of visit is sure to make you amazed by the beautiful design and architecture of the Chinese temple which was build in the 20th century. This place is sure to enrich your body and soul with divine energy. The third place in the tour is the place which is going to make you witness the life of a Thai fisherman and the oyster farm where you can enjoy the oysters too. If you want more of the wild life then the open zoo is going to sooth your soul.  The place is full of animals in their natural habitat.

Place to place your wish to god

The next place is the place; where you will come to know the punishment and rewards which you are going to get in hell and heaven and you can go and make a wish for yourself. The visit to the tiger and bee farm along with the lunch ends one of your Pattaya tours.