June 22, 2024

Water rafting is such a fun activity to do outdoors. It is done by using an inflatable raft on whitewater. One of the most famous rivers in the United States is American River located in California. It is a whitewater river which is ideal to water rafting. It goes through Sierra Nevada mountains and travel towards Central Valley of California. The weather is so amazing, and the scenery is so beautiful that people come from all over northern California to enjoy and have fun. 

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It has different levels of rafting which makes it more enjoyable, exciting and unique from other recreational areas. It has six levels known as classes. Class one and two is for beginners. It is best for young children and experimental adults. Class three is for beginner-intermediate. It is best for wide range of people as an introduction to rafting. Intermediate level is in between class three and four. It is best for those who already have experience in class three and want to try out class four. Class four plus is for intermediate-advance. It is best for those people who have experience in class three and four and wants to enjoy more difficult whitewater challenges. Next is class five, which is the advanced level. It is for those who are looking forward to extreme whitewater challenge. And the last one is class six known as Unrunnable. It is very dangerous since it is prone to have serious injuries. Death can also occur in this level. If, you attempt it and get away with it, your luck has more part in saving your life. 

It has three forks north, middle and south. South fork is for class two and three. It has different things for everyone to experience and have fun. Middle fork is for class three and four. It is also great for first timers, who are willing to experiment new things. The north fork is for class four plus, a perfect spot for more difficult whitewater rafting. 

The dam controls the flow on the forks which allows consistent water flow for adventurous and sensational water rafting. Each fork is different in its own way. The middle fork is 18 miles long which is a full day of wilderness experience. 

It offers reasonable and affordable trips which makes it more enjoyable for everyone. People can spend quality time with their families and friends. You do not need any skills or experience to enjoy your time at river rafting. The south fork is the best place for families to do river rafting. Middle fork and north fork is full of amazing scenery and wilderness. You can also sit and enjoy seeing other people rafting along or you can play sports and games or swim in pool. 
There are also other activities to do within the campground area located near river. It is such a fun place to experience whitewater rafting with your loved ones. If, it is your first time doing water rafting, I will highly recommend this place to go to and experience it. It has six levels 
It has three forks.