April 19, 2024

Tel Aviv, located on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline, is the most populace city in the area after Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is also a tourism hotspot with its many museums and cultural points of interest as well as the beautiful beaches tourists love to visit. It is a vegan’s dream with all the restaurant options available to then and it has been called a vegan food capital with the highest per capita population of vegans in the world. If you are planning a trip to Tel Aviv the best time is March through April and September through November. These months will give you the best weather conditions for your holiday as the summer months can be incredibly hot. 

When spending time in Tel Aviv a first concern will be accommodation. There are many options available from wonderful hotel rooms in the main tourist areas to cheaper stays in private rooms in the city centre. When considering the accommodation that will work best a beachfront hotel in Tel Aviv should definitely be at the top of your list. The hotels offer some of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean as well as luxury and comfort. Naturally these hotels give visitors easy access to the various beaches and ports in Tel Aviv where you can lounge in the sun, surf, play volleyball or partake in boat tours and water sports. The majority of the beachfront hotels are also very close to the hubbub of the city. 

Tel Aviv provides in the needs of all the different visitors to the city. It has an active nightlife for the night owls with various districts, venues and events providing many different options. Just like New York, Tel Aviv has been called the city that never sleeps due to its vibrant nightlife. For history and arts and culture lovers there are multiple historic sites and monuments to be seen. If you need to escape some of the midday heat the art, history and natural history museums are great places to visit. The many food and flea markets as well as streets lined with restaurants and cafes will keep the foodies happy while a number of malls provide more traditional shopping and activity options for the shopaholics. 

Tel Aviv is, of course, in a country of significant religious importance and as such there are beautiful mosques and synagogues that the curious and religious can visit. There are insightful tours you can book to not only see and learn about Tel Aviv but also the surrounding area and cities. These include walking or bike tours to see more of Tel Aviv itself or day tours to visit Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Dead Sea and Ein Gedi to name but a few. 

Your time in this city will possibly be some of the best times of your life as you enjoy the views and amenities of glorious beachfront hotels in Tel Aviv, explore the food and cultural scene and tour the city and country to your heart’s content.