April 19, 2024

Dubai Cruises 2018 are no less than luxury at sea. Travelers reveling in the best of the lifestyle and larger than life experiences look forward to having ultimate fun at these cruises which are being made ravishing in their every bit. Here are some of the trends worth looking forward to in 2018 which are going to redefine the concept of luxury cruising. Some of the expected trends are:

  • Robot bartenders

Something that started ideating in 2017 is likely to be in full swing this year. The concept of robot bartenders is truly innovative and quite supportive of the privacy requirements of the attendees or guests.

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  • A private submarine

Nothing could be more royal than having a submarine of your own to spend quality time in complete solitude or with family. Cruises with facility for private submarine are going to be the favorite pretext to wind down the royal way.

  • Underwater lounges

When at sea, be the complete sea animal! Perhaps, this is the idea the cruises to Dubai aim to comply with. There will be option for underwater lounges where world class and most exclusive hospitality will be extended to the visitors.

  • Slides within suites

The idea of sports and luxury combined together for creating an incredibly delightful atmosphere on the cruise will be materialized in the form of space for slides in suites; such arrangements are likely to entertain the whole family and have unforgettable time together.

Thus, 2018 is going to be the one dedicated to innovation and more opulence in services. There will be upsurge in the demands of ‘at sea attractions’ and bringing sports on the board as well as taking the guests closer to sea-life will be the center of focus. Thus, cruises are surely going to be amazingly advanced, innovative as well as exceptionally entertaining in this year.