April 19, 2024

Windsurfing equipment and gear can appear to be confusing at first and particularly in case there are a number of models available out there. But this guide will help you sail through easily.

Kinds of windsurf boards

Windsurfing boards are majorly segregated into three main sub-categories – long boards, short boards and mid-length boards. The edges between these categories are quite blurred, however, generally a short board is around 310cm or lesser in length and without a dagger-board.

The main contrast between all-round long boards and short boards is that the long boards are extremely good to sail in light winds, however they become bouncy and hard to control in case of windy conditions. This is the reason why an experienced windsurfer will probably turn to a shorter board in case of windy conditions. Shorter boards are manoeuvrable and far controllable underfoot, and also are substantially faster. The Mid-length boards however offers a mix and match of both strong-wind and light-wind performance.

The windsurf rig

Sail, boom, mastfoot and mast are constituents of the windsurf rig. These are generally bought separately; however total rig packages are available along with beginner and intermediate Windsurf Boards.

Windsurf sails

There is a huge variety of windsurf sails available out there, so you must find out a size which suits your stature, requirements and ability.

Rig components for windsurfing

The rig requires a sail, mast, and boom to be assembled appropriately. In case you have a total rig package, it would be appropriately matched with your sail, however since most of the rig components are bought separately, they come in different sizes, so as to cater to different sails, and different constructions.

Wetsuits for windsurfing

The wetsuits available these days are incredibly sophisticated and are an amazing piece of kit. These are extremely stylish and lightweight. Very easy to get in, and also allows you to keep sailing all day long without any kind of chilliness. However, when it comes to buy wetsuit get the one which fits. It doesn’t matter how many gadgets or gizmos the wetsuit has, or how expensive it is, if it doesn’t fit appropriately it won’t keep you warm.

The appropriate wetsuit is the one which fits so snugly and is virtually waterproof. There should be hardly any room for water to get inside. Your skin and the neoprene layer will warm the thin layer of water trapped between these two layers by your body heat, and thus safeguarding you in a covering of warm water.