June 22, 2024

The first thing we have to do when planning our trip is obviously to choose a destination. Ideally, the choice should be a decision of all family members, but the final decision must be made by adults. Factors such as your children’s age, weather, distance, and economy will determine the final choice of place.

A beautiful way to involve children in travel planning is to see together on maps where the destination is, what customs it has and typical structures of the culture of the destination. Watching a movie or reading a story set in your vacation spot can also make you very excited. For the weekend en famille this is the best deal now.

The Right Planning for you

When planning the routes and places to visit, you should bear in mind that families have a dissimilar pace than adults.

It is important that you keep in mind that when traveling with children you will need to carry many more things that you would not carry if you were only adults, so we advise you to reduce as much as you can the rest of the goods such as clothes, toiletry, toys etc.

As for the bag, you can take one with everything you need for the whole family, which includes a small kit.

If you travel with a baby, the necessary things multiply. The cart should be equipped with the raincoat, in case it rains or is cold, and the changing table with its corresponding diapers. Also, if you don’t breastfeed, you will need bottles, teats, powdered milk and a portable sterilizer. Essential are also a few pacifiers and their 2 or 3 favorite toys.

The path

Depending on the remoteness and accessibility of the destination you have chosen you will have to arrive by car, train, bus or plane.

If you travel by bus: it is not advisable to make a long bus trip with children, but there will be destinations that you can only access in this means of transport. Try to keep the child entertained and take care of his safety at all times.

If you travel by car: If the destination you are going to is not too far away, this is the most recommended option for the freedom it gives you, both during the trip and at the vacation spot. Stop whenever necessary and try to make the trip as comfortable and entertaining for everyone.


What will be your “home” during the holidays is one of the most important choices to make when traveling. Each trip is different and depending on the destination and the idea of ​​vacations it will be more appropriate to go to a hotel, an apartment or even camping!

  • Hotel: Try to make it a family-run accommodation, with facilities adapted and prepared for the little ones: swimming pools, entertainment, children’s menus. They also have to have family rooms with what is necessary for everyone’s comfort.
  • Camping: A very fun accommodation that will allow you to enjoy a unique outdoor experience. When choosing among the immense variety of options, take into account the facilities, security, location and services.
  • Apartment or house: Renting or exchanging a house or apartment is one of the most common and easy options for families, due to the ease of adaptation it offers in aspects such as schedules, meals, etc. Always check the exact situation, accessibility and expenses included in the price.