April 19, 2024

It is known to all that Japanese food is famous for its beauty in preparation and presentation and, of course, its taste. All these food items are made from fresh, seasonal and high-quality ingredients. This add to the taste making the dishes all the more delicious. If you want to expand your knowledge on Japanese food, then know these traditional dishes that you should not miss at any cost. Sushi features on the top of the list in taste and popularity. The fish preserved in fermented rice comes in different ways and shapes. Tempura is another traditional dish consisting of battered and fried fish or seafood and even vegetables.

Chicken and other items

You can choose Yakitori if you prefer chicken over fish. Made from bite-sized cuts of chicken, these are grilled on a skewer. Every part of the chicken is used to make this dish including the liver, heart, and even the chicken comb. This dish reflects Japanese culture which is to avoid wastefulness. The most significant feature of this Japanese food is that it is a traditional dish since the mid-17th century. The primary reason is that eating meat was considered to be a taboo in Japan then and for several centuries.

Few other dishes to try

Make sure that you also try the traditional Tsukemono pickles which has been eaten in Japan since time immemorial. If you love fine dining, Kaiseki is the one you should try that comes in small, seasonally themed, precisely crafted dishes. Check out the dense chewy noodle dish called Udon which can be eaten with different toppings, hot or cold, just like Soba, another noodle dish. If you like beef, try Sukiyaki, a dish cooked with tofu and vegetables in sweet soy sauce broth. If you like raw food, try Sashimi and end it with the Miso soup.