February 21, 2024

If you are planning to visit Kampala for the first time and you are not sure of which things to enjoy or places to visit then it is a high time you explored the hidden treasures of this vibrant city. Straddling within central Uganda just on the shoreline of stunning Lake Victoria-a popular largest fresh water lakes, lies Kampala Uganda’s capital city and one of the busiest commercial centers in East Africa. Kampala is a city that never sleeps and a visit to it leaves you amazed with its vibrancy. A Kampala city tour is all about having fun and enjoyment! According to the Kampala City Guide, here are some of the most amazing things for you to engage in during your visit;

Exploring the Kasubi Royal Tombs

This is one of the most valuable sites within this capital city and Buganda kingdom. It is from this area that Buganda’s culture and its history has been preserved for long since the 13th century up to date. For any safaris to Uganda, it is such remarkable historical site not to be missed to explore and most significantly, it is one of a few amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites this country boasts of. It is situated a few kilometers away from Kampala city center. It is from this historical site that the 4 kings of Buganda were buried and it comes in a grass thatched hut with several traditional tools and instruments.

Uganda National Museum

This is the most ancient historical site in East Africa and it was founded around 1908. It refuges over a million specimens and objects which showcase the natural and human history of more than eight million years. Within this museum, you will find most of the fossil ruins of Nepak rhino-the endangered species which disappeared about eight million years back. This museum comes with many sections to be explored and take you through the earliest human communities as well as the current political boundaries of this country. These include music gallery collections, books, artifacts a mention but a few. This historical site is located at Kamokya just near the head offices of Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The Royal Mile Walk in Mengo

If you love walking experiences then this guided walk has it all for you. It takes you through Lubiri, royal Mengo and Bulange as well as to the parliament of Buganda Kingdom. This guided walk is more like that of the US Capitol Hill Walk and links visitors to and fro Lubiri to Bulange and then the entrance gates are just located at each other. This walk experience doesn’t take that long but takes you through the most significant monuments which represent valuable Buganda clans and totems that include among others leopard, mud fish, monkeys, lions and many more. While on your walk, you get opportunity to explore more about the cultural norms in Buganda. At Bulange, you get a chance to explore more about the dark history of 1970s as a portion of this became a torture chamber at a time of Idi Amin presidency in Uganda. Currently, Bulange and Lubiri are vibrant the fact that they are home to the Kabaka and the Buganda government.

Explore Gaddafi mosque

This is popular as the old Kampala national mosque and it is the biggest in Africa with carrying capacity of over 35000 people and boasts of its 50 meters tall tower. While at this area, one can climb up and have clear view of the surrounding areas in and around Kampala, take as many photos as possible. This magnificent religious site lies on old Kampala hill and can even be spotted at a distance.

Visit Uganda National Theatre and craft villages

This is also famous as a national theater and a popular cultural and architectural tourist attraction of its kind. It was constructed in 1952 by the British colonial government and standout with its beauty and accommodates about 500 people. Most of the live performances are conducted here.

Explore Uganda Wildlife Education Center

Just as you land into Uganda’s soil, the one remarkable place you can start your vacation is Uganda Wildlife Education Center also popular as Entebbe zoo. This lies along the shores of Lake Victoria and boasts of its natural habitats including forest woodlands, swamps where you will spot out variety of wildlife especially the elephants, zebras, rhinos, zebras, reptiles, the big cats plus more than 200 avifaunal species. There are a number of exciting activities for you to enjoy at this zoo.

Visit Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

If you are interested in faith based tourism and you are on safari in Uganda, Namugongo Martyrs shrine is that one tourist site you should consider a must to include in your travel plan. It is from this place that the 22 martyrs were murdered after denouncing King Mwanga’s orders between 1885 and 1887. Each year on 3rd June thousands of people across Uganda and Africa at large confined in this place to pay pilgrimage.

Visit Ndere cultural center

For those of you who are enthusiastic to cultural experiences and you are on Uganda safari in Kampala, Ndere cultural center is that one place not to be missed. This area attracts all kinds of cultural groups that make up over 60 distinct tribes in this country nearly all of them are represented in this center thus rewarding you with distinct experiences. There are creative troupes which always perform before visitors on Uganda cultural safari and you will have fun with Uganda’s live traditional dance performances and many more. Besides, you get a chance to engage in a number of traditional and modern games or take a walk in the gardens. This amazing cultural center is situated in Kisasi approximately ten kilometers’ drive off Kampala capital.

The Bahai temple

This is the temple in Africa for Bahai with distinct religion faith. It was constructed in 1958 and lies on Kikaaya hill about 5 kilometers’ drive off Kampala capital. It comes with distinct architecture and 9 sides and dome shape. What is amazing about is that one can explore it and also embark on bird watching the fact that over 100 avifaunal specie thrive in most of its gardens and trees.

Explore the Kabaka’s Lake

This is among a few most spectacular areas that you need to visit in Uganda. It is a few man-made Lakes in Africa and it was excavated in 1880 by Kabaka Mwanga for many reasons including creating escape route during times of war.