February 21, 2024

Photography tours are a unique opportunity to enhance and create extraordinary new photos.

Travelling to a new destination has many advantages, the most obvious relates to the singular experience of the journey and its cultural immersion. Make sure you keep these 5 easy suggestions at bay while preparing for your photo tours

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  1. It’s usually suggested that at any given trip you pack your gear accordingly. A photography tour is not different. Make sure you carry enough batteries to last you for the entire day of activities. It’s a good idea to carry at least two battery chargers, so you can charge multiple power units simultaneously. This is also an advantage in the eventuality of a charger failure.
  2. I have had the unfortunate experience of arriving to a hotel room where only a single electrical outlet available. Electricity is not always very reliable while abroad, so it’s a good idea to pack a small power strip with surge protection. This will provide you with an extra layer of protection and the convenience of charging multiple devices at the same time.
  3. Although I take my professional camera with me at all times, I sometimes just want to take a quick snapshot and instantly share it in my social media stream. My cellphone is not only my worldwide assistant, but my b-roll camera while on location.
    Nowadays, most smartphones have fast-charging capabilities. In order to take advantage of this feature, you’re going to need a fast-charging electrical adapter. This will allow you to charge your entire phone in less than 20 minutes. It’s well worth the investment.
  4. It depends to what part of the planet are you traveling to, but it’s more likely than not, that you might need some alternative type of electrical prong. You can either do your homework ahead of time and define which one you will use, or simply get a universal set of adapter for every situation you might encounter. It’s a good idea to be well prepared.
  5. Sometimes in remote photography locations, you might not be able to purchase regular batteries. Look at your equipment and your power needs and think accordingly. You might think about purchasing a set of rechargeable batteries for flashes and light meters. They could be a lifesaver in many circumstances

It doesn’t matter where you go. Being prepared and doing your homework will prove to be an invaluable advantage. Energy requirements are different for different people and cameras, so packing accordingly could mean a complete success or failure of your photography adventure. Safe journey and may you take incredible photos