April 19, 2024

For countries that are not part of European Union (EU), citizens of those can now travel to Schengen Region of Europe without applying for a Visa. This was made possible through ETIAS system. Whether it’s a business trip or just a getaway from routine life, it will be possible for the citizens to travel in this area with this process. 

What is ETIAS?

ETIAS, European Travel Information and Authorization System, is an electronic system that will allow the visitors from different countries who explore Schengen Zone. This will keep a track record of all the visitors as well. The legal process to proceed with ETIAS system started in the year 2016, and is expected to come in effect by 2021. This system is quite similar to ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) realized in United States. 

Each applicant applying through ETIAS will be examined in detail in order to rectify if they can be allowed to enter in the Schengen Area or not. ETIAS applicants do not have to undergo the entire process of visa application through embassy that will help in saving lot of time, efforts and money from the process. 

ETIAS visa system will not only allow the travelers to enter in Schengen area for tourist purpose, but they can also visit the zone for medical or transit purpose. 

Why is ETIAS system introduced? 

Jean- Claude, President of European Commission recently commented that he was little worried about the security of the European Zone. And thus, he introduced this system to understand who is entering the Schengen zone before they even enter the state. Europe Union wants to ensure that the travels to this region must be secure and safe. And thus introducing ETIAS visa will drop the concerns in terms of security with the help of data and information gathering systems. 

So let’s hope to see some increasing fractions by 2021.