November 30, 2023

The beautiful city of Jaisalmer also renowned as the golden city of Rajasthan has in its womb a plethora of attractive tourist places. For people who love wanderlust and adventure enthusiasts, one of the most important things to consider is the best time to visit a tourist place! Just like going to fields at non agricultural season is going to be useless, visiting a tourist attraction place in off season is useless. The worst part is that you’ll lose your interest of visiting this place again if you visit the place at wrong time! Here are the best times to visit the golden city of Jaisalmer so you don’t miss out on anything here & Book Jaisalmer Tour Packages !

1) September to October

These months are known to be the monsoon period in the city of Jaisalmer and little rains are observed during these times. If you do not like the scorching heat of the sun, these months are the best times to pay a visit to Jaisalmer. The city of Jaisalmer witnesses much cooler weather in the evenings of these months and the sunset during these seasons are the most beautiful ones! This is the beginning of the tourism seasons here and you’ll also find other tourists during this time. So, if you do not like to visit places when they’re overly crowded, this time may not be the best time for you. In that case, consider the following seasons.

2) November to March

November to March are considered as the best times to visit Jaisalmer for those who love chilling in the cold weathers. These months constitute to the winter seasons of Jaisalmer and the chilly nights can drop to as less as 28°C in the nights. Sightseeing and other activities of outdoor like the camel ride and the

camping in desert camp in Jaisalmer are at its best during these seasons. At Royal Adventure Tours, we offer best deals for putting up camping in deserts during this season.

3) April to August

These months constitute the hot summer seasons in the city of Jaisalmer. The temperature during these seasons can go to as more as 45°C. It might not be a cool idea to visit Jaisalmer during these times if you can’t bear the heat of the scorching sun. But the advantage here is regarding the hotel prices. Since it’s an off peak season, the hotels offer least prices for accommodation and if you’re on a shoe string budget, it’s the best time for you to visit this city (Well, using the sunscreen lotions and light cotton clothes would beat the heat… *Wink*)!

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