November 30, 2023

Whether you are organizing a birthday party or a simple party, guests will always appreciate the presence of a shuttle to provide transportation, especially if the location of your party is outside of the city center. Indeed, renting a party bus is a service to your guests who do not have a private car and who must use public transportation to get around. It is also a way to ensure the success of the event you are organizing. In addition, it allows guests to arrive on time and so does not upset your organization.

The Occasions

If you are organizing a disco evening, setting up a shuttle service will attract the most customers. This allows non-motorized night owls to get to the party more easily. And when they want to leave, the bus with driver will drive them back. Perfect for people without a vehicle, renting a party bus also reduces the risk of accidents since alcoholic drinks always flow afloat at events such as disco evenings. Thanks to this transport service, customers no longer get behind the wheel. This action responds to a strong demand from people wishing to take full advantage of the evening.

Find a bus to go to a party: why choose Party bus?

There are several thousand carriers in Toronto. To avoid contacting them one by one, Party bus offers you the opportunity to request a single quote. This step only takes a few minutes. On this form, you are asked to specify the number of passengers, the dates and places of departure and arrival, the different stages of the journey. You will then receive proposals from partner carriers. You can receive up to 5 offers. On Party bus, submit as many requests for quotes as you want, you will not be charged. Besides, all the services that Party bus offers on its platform are 100% free. You only pay for what you have agreed with the carrier.

If you have questions about a service, you can ask them directly to the carrier concerned, always via our platform. On Toronto Party Bus, we carefully select our partner carriers in order to offer you impeccable service. We also make it a point of honor to check the regulatory and administrative authorizations of our partners: registration in the trade or commerce register, insurance, licenses, transport licenses, etc. After their trips, we ask for customer opinions on the quality of services in general in order to further improve our services.


PartyBus Toronto is a Mercedes bus with a specially designed interior. You can go for the Party Bus at any time of the day and immediately find yourself in a nightclub. But that is not all! The salon of the PartyBus has bars, an excellent restaurant, a lounge area and a dance floor. There is even a pole on the dance floor, on which both guests and invited dancers can dance. The musical design of the party on the bus is done by our start, a professional DJ.