April 19, 2024

The most recent tourism trend in Barcelona is GPS guided tours. They are getting viral really fast and there is nothing surprising about the fact. The advantages are numerous and allure more people every season. What are the major reasons to take a GPS Barcelona guided tour?

First of all, there’s no more need to carry around a pile of papers. Forget about the guidebook, maps, and notes. All the data is now accessed from the comfort of a phone or tablet.

In addition, you don’t have to access Wi-Fi or have an excellent Internet connection. Simply preload the tour you want and allow the device (smartphone or tablet) to track your location. As soon as you come close to the location, it’ll instantaneously start sharing facts about what you see.

You can tour at your own schedule. Plan your tour according to your needs and preferences and follow the path at your own speed. You can start anytime and take a pause when you want (for as much time as you wish). There’s no need to wait for the group and try to keep up with it to hear all the information from the tour guide.

Another great thing is that getting lost isn’t possible (you may try though). The app will provide you with your current location along with the photos of the sights you are hearing about. If you change the root or take the wrong turn, you’ll see the list of things you can see or do there.

You can listen to the recordings once more in case you missed some (which can’t be said about a regular group guide). As you see, these tours are convenient and you don’t waste money along the way!

This type of tour is very convenient while you are on a Vespa tour. Did you know that Barcelona is the 2nd city in Europe by the quantity of motorcycles? It’s a wonderful and quick way to get around the city without the need to search for parking. The GPS guided tour will introduce you to the greatest architectural masterpieces, or help you learn more about the traditions. You can even take a cuisine tour and try the local food. There are lots of activities you can do everywhere. Just choose the way that fits you best and have fun traveling.