November 30, 2023

The Diversity immigrant Visa is also called green card lottery system and comes under the government of United States. It is a lottery program introduced by the government of United States for giving the United States of America’s permanent citizenship card to the foreign nationals.

What is diversity immigration visa program?

The diversity visa program also known as the green card lottery was introduced by the government with plan to give opportunities to all the people around the globe to get United States citizenship.

The people who are a resident of a country with very low immigration percentage to America can acquire legal citizenship of United States of America. The process of selecting the individuals is random each year.

The Department of State handles the Diversity Visa lottery of United States Program which allows the other country’s residents which have a low immigration rate to immigrate to United States of America in order to elevate the level of diversity in the country.

Criteria for Entering the Green Card Lottery

The participants are required to fill up a form avail on the diversity immigration website. The form is free as well as simple to fill. For the candidate who is applying for the diversity immigration or green card lottery must be eligible through these factors:

  • Whichever country the applicant hails from must approve filling the United States of America’s diversity immigration or green card lottery program application. The applicant can check online official website of diversity immigration program for the list of countries.
  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or more to apply is the head member of the family category. If the applicant does so you will be eligible to apply for the children’s by yourself.
  • The applicant must have received minimum amount of education required for entering the diversity immigration program which high school with a diploma.

In case you get selected through the application process, you will be ready to move and relocate to United States of America as legal citizen.

You need to make sure to compile all your documents together before immigrating to America. After settling down in America you will be an official permanent resident of USA under diversity program.