June 22, 2024

Marrakech or the red city of morocco is one of the major cities everyone visiting Morocco can’t miss. It’s combine between the Sahara desert of Morocco with two imperials cities of morocco Fes and Marrakech your  with 3days and 2night you Marrakech desert tour will be the best experience you will live here in Morocco.

Almost every Moroccan remains eternally grateful for cinema. This medium has allowed many directors and producers, coming from both Morocco and the rest of the world, to tell stories, depict dilemmas, and successfully entertain an audience. The fact that people did not want Morocco’s luminous landscapes to be squandered and unshown stands as a point of pride within its community. Since Morocco’s most renowned film studio is a UNESCO world heritage site, it is included in 3 Days Marrakech to Fes Desert Tour.

There are several reasons why Morocco is put on such high regard when discussed within the limits of cinema. Firstly, Morocco is renowned for its landscapes and historical monuments. Hollywood directors have realized that and were determined to use Morocco as a backdrop whenever they were going for something ancient, historical, and out of the ordinary. The Sheltering Sky by Bernardo Bertolucci, along with another movie of his, Orson Welles’ Othello, were both filmed in Morocco. 

The government has also noticed Morocco’s increasing appeal and charm. It took an active role in order to aid foreign companies to shoot commercials, TV series, music videos, and documentaries. International airlines followed the ‘trend’ and launched direct routes to Morocco. Entire casts and film-crews were flown to Morocco in matters of mere hours. You can get from Washington DC to Casablanca in less than 8 hours.

Popular and gorgeous.

Some cities are just unforgettable. No matter how famous, crowded, or westernized. The beauty of Morocco lays in its wide array of cultures that spread around its vast lands. 

4 – Casablanca.

Morocco’s pumping heart, and the largest city in Morocco. 110 kilometres away from El Jadida, and once again – it feels worlds apart. It depends on how much time you’re planning on spending in Casablanca. You may visit the Hassan II Mosque, take a stroll along the Ain Diab Corniche, or wander through its lively Medina – everything has its own taste.

You may also grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants in the city. Casablanca’s sleepless vibe and lively atmosphere will keep you energized. A hint of western culture and Moroccan traditions is what every excited soul deserves.

5 – Rabat.

The capital, Morocco’s pride, and royally gorgeous. A combination of the historical and the contemporary resulted in the fruition of Morocco’s leading city. 187 kilometers away from El Jadida, merely a two-hour drive. Rabat’s modern outlook with its historical and cultural sites will make you feel in connection with Morocco. Rabat has that effect on everyone who enters it.

You’ll become one with Morocco, whether you travel alone, with your friends, or on Fes To Marrakech Desert Tours.