April 19, 2024

Business trips can be exhaustive. Between shuffling your meetings and visits, and experiencing new things about an unfamiliar city, you may hardly get the time to catch your breath, especially when you’re visiting a city like Mumbai. To make sure that your business trip stays productive in Mumbai, here are some useful tips, such as choosing from hotels near Mumbai airport and making the best of Mumbai hotel deals, which can aid you in your journey.


If you’re coming to Mumbai for the first time, getting yourself familiar with the city can help you with your stay. A few days before you visit the city, you can check the local maps to get an idea about the area where you are staying and the locations that you plan to visit. One solid piece of advice would be to choose hotels near Mumbai airport as your options for booking your stay. You can then keep your hotel as the centre-point of your daily commute and plan accordingly.


To make sure that your travelling, and your stay at hotels in Mumbai, is a productive one, you can plan well in advance for your business trip. You can include all the activities in your planning, including your flights, to and fro from the city. You can also check websites and apps to look for the best Mumbai hotel deals and flight deals. Deals can help you plan and manage your expenses as well.

Internet Connectivity

It would be advisable to carry your own internet/Wi-Fi device/hotspot which will keep you connected and help avoid any no network/bad network issues. Being connected to your personal internet device/service can also help you stay connected when you’re in an area where the public Wi-Fi is secured/can’t be trusted.


Increasing the productivity of your business trip involves optimising your luggage as well. While packing your belongings, make sure to make the most of your space. By simply folding your clothes in a particular fashion, stacking objects according to size and shape, using miniature replacements of the respective larger objects, you can make more room for fitting additional items into your luggage bag.


With the introduction of Ola and Uber on the roads, you can conveniently book a cab for your travelling needs. You may also check out private cabs that may be provided by hotels in Mumbai, that carry you to your locations of choice. Using cabs can save you the hassle of experiencing crowds at local transportation stations/stands.

Lounge Access

Did you know that by owning certain debit cards, you can avail the privilege of accessing lounge areas at the airports? This can come in handy when there is a delay in/rescheduling of your flight that leaves you waiting for long durations at the airport.

Plan your business trip to Mumbai like a pro, with the tips and suggestions given above.