June 22, 2024

Summer holiday season is nearly upon us and if you just can’t wait for your summer break, how about some holiday essentials shopping in the mean time? Whether you’ve dusted down the suitcase to discover your favourite holiday items looking shabbier than normal or you want to send off a loved one with something shiny and new, we’ve got some fabulous items on our holiday wish list…

Travel Wallet

Don’t let your important travel documents get lost in the jungle of your handbag – especially if you’ve got to take care of your partner’s travel documents too! This luxury travel wallet is a dreamy summer blue and has organised compartments and designated space for two passports, boarding passes and health and insurance cards.

Charge on the go Stations

There is nothing worse than running out of charge when you’re travelling – especially if your boarding pass is a mobile ticket on your phone! Have everything you need at a moments notice with no tangling or suitcase digging required. These Girl Power and Man Power lead bags are great quality and definitely travel necessities.

Travel Checklist

At some point the excitement for your summer holiday gives way for the inevitable panic of packing, but that’s so last season! This colourful travel checklist has done all the thinking for you. Simply gather the items as listed and tick when you’ve packed them – contribute any extras in the space provided and rest assured you’ve got everything. Be sure to keep a copy so that you don’t leave anything behind at the hotel. It couldn’t be any easier!

World Map Print

Summer holidays are all about making memories and you should never have to forget where you’ve been. This luxurious cork world map is a stunning edition to any gallery wall at home and a wonderful way to track where you’ve been and where you need to go next. 

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