February 21, 2024

Getting rewarding employment if you do not have the EU passport is sometimes very difficult. However, getting a job without it is not impossibility. Spain is gradually emerging from the financial crisis that occurred in a half-decade, and her market has just begun to open for many sectors. Working in Spain as a foreigner can sometimes be a hard task, if you are none EU, you must ensure that you are legally able to work in Spain.  

Before you can apply for any job in Spain;

  • You must ensure that the job position that you are eyeing is on the Spanish National Occupation Shortlist.
  • You must get a certificate from the Regional Public Employment service.
  • You should ensure that your employer is registered with the social security and is up to date with the payment of the same.
  • It is important that you stay away from any criminal activity; this is because your criminal records must be clear in order to be employed in Spain.
  • You should ensure that your qualifications are relevant to the job that you are applying for.
  • You must ensure that your employer is in a position to provide you that employment for the longest period that you will stay in Spain.
  • You must sign a valid contract with your employer.

Tips to get a job in Spain

Walk around with your CV: In Spain employers tend to give less attention to those who rely on email and internet to apply for a job, the best thing to do as a foreigner is to show up at your employers office and have a face to face talk with him or her, this is essential because it will also provide you with that opportunity to make your first impression to your employer which cannot be done via an email, this might just be reason for your selection by your employer.

Do seasonal or odd jobs: Some of these jobs that are seasonal are like bartending, especially in central areas such as the Costas where English speakers are on demand. May and June are the best Months to find these seasonal jobs. This is because these are the months where a lot of tourist coming from all over the world to flock to Spain. The popular seasonal job in Spain is party promoter, and this job comes with its bonuses and downsides, the downsides is that you cannot build a career out of this, since by the end of September your job is done, and the bonuses are the commissions that you get from it in most cases.

Go to a staffing agency

Going to a recruitment agency is the best thing you can ever do, that is if you are after building a career in Spain instead bouncing from one job to another. A recruiter from this agency will provide you with a position that bests suit your experience as well as interests and then connect you with the company that is offering that job.

Getting a job in Spain might seem like a real hustle, but this is not supposed to weigh you down, patience and persistent will help you land the best job.