November 30, 2023

In any industry or business that intends to succeed, you should be able to listen to your clients and pay attention to their needs, complaints and tastes. That is why the hotel near platinum mall decided to pay attention to the opinions of its users and thus found the ten services that tourists value most of a hotel.

Thus, the list was prepared after analyzing the valuations of more than one million customers who expressed the most critical aspects that a traveler takes into account when choosing a hotel and actually his point of view.

Then, to find the final result, best value hotel Bangkok studied the scoring system that the website has from 0 to 10 to assess, in this way, different criteria in addition to user comments.

In this way, the ten most essential hotel services for clients are as follows:

  • The breakfast service you expect should be of great quality and variety
  • Service and kindness. The hotel staff should be dedicated to their job and should be able to treat clients in a cheerful manner
  • In that sense, the reasonable price they seek in this type of service was emphasized
  • Aspect of Noise. This lays emphasis on soundproofing of the room and sound insulation of the windows
  • Size of the room, as well as the bathrooms matters a lot
  • Internet service is essential
  • Cleaning throughout the room but in particular, the bathrooms
  • Comfort, especially in the mattresses and in the design and ambience that look modern
  • Separation of sectors for smokers and non-smokers to avoid common areas with the smell of tobacco
  • Star category. Thus, hotels are requested to respond to the category of stars they possess and, in this way that the price/quality ratio is correct.